SMS Listen End User License Agreement

  1. The copyright of this software is belong to the author. All copyright, and trademark, intellectual property of and all information content related to this software, including but does not limited to: text description and combination, and icon, and about data, and printing materials, and or electronic document, are protected by suited international copyright and other intellectual property legal regulations of protection, except authorized software or technology of third party involved, Without the authorization of the copyright owner, the user shall not implement, use, transfer on their own or permit any third party to implement, use and transfer of such intellectual property rights for any for-profit or non-profit purposes. Copyright owners reserve the right to investigate such unauthorized actions.
  2. End users can install and run this software on the terminal for non-commercial purposes use of the software. Without the permission of the author, the user shall not install, use, run the software for the commercial purpose.
  3. User should not reverse-engineer, decompile, reproduce, alter, modify the software and the files or data produced during software installing and running in the terminal memory or other storage device, neither should create any derivative works through these means.
  4. Rights reserved: all other rights not expressly authorized are still owned by the copyright owner, users must also obtain written consent of the copyright owner for using these other rights.
  5. This software is free of charge, it uses advertising revenue to maintain and contains advertising content. And for the following reasons need to statistic using the user's device and (or) network information: getting the application crashes, tracking the application usage, ads, and ad position. Advertising and statistics will produce a small amount of network traffic.
  6. The software may use third party software or technology, such using shall be obtained legally authorized. Any dispute as a result of the using of third party software or technology of this software, should be resolved by the third party responsible for. The author does not assume any responsibility. The author will not provide customer service support for the third party software or technology. If the user needs to get support, please contact that third party.
  7. Replacement, modification and upgrades of the software: the author retain the right to replace, modify, upgrade the version of the software in any time and the right to charge fees to these replacement, modification or upgrade. The author also retain the right to change or limit parts of the software features and the offects for business development needs.
  8. Pressing "Accept" means you have known and agree the terms of this agreement.If you refuse,please uninstall this software.